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The project aims to examine current perceptions of Ivo Andrić and his work. The topic that will be discussed in the documentary already exists in a form of public discourse in the Balkans, however, through a visual intrerpretation we would like to bring it closer to the wider audience. Moreover, certain issues regarding both Andrić and post-Andrić perceptions are still obscured, and through a discussion with relevant experts, we will try to shed some light on these questions.

 The general goal would be to point out the wider public that the question of whom Andrić belongs is trivial and purposeless, and is constructed to primarily serve certain political interests. In addition, it will be pointed to the necessity of civil recovery and restoration of tolerance. It would be taken into account that Bosnia and Herzegovina used to be a country of mutual understanding, which was affected by the war and political turmoil that followed. Since Andrić is a well-known author beyond the region of Southeastern Europe, we are striving to present the documentary abroad, thus hoping that the discourse would gain broader effects. 



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